Whitworth road

Period HOME renovation, Drumcondra, DUBLIN 9.

This corner property has two public façades with the main entrance centrally located to the side elevation. Central to this renovation was the creation of a private sanctuary for our clients. Both the original house and site had endured a series of interventions and extensions to create a Bed and Breakfast. Stripping the property back to its original plan form, spaces were enhanced to maximise their inherent quality and character.

A series of thresholds were introduced both internally and externally to give this family the connections they longed for. The materials in the project primarily consist of timber, brick & concrete. Shuttered formwork concrete is used for the junction of the new extension to the old house, to form planters and benches in the courtyard, and power-floated concrete panels, separated by pebble-filled channels pave the newly-integrated walled courtyard space.

This project was selected for exhibition in the 2018 RIAI Awards. 

This project has been featured in the Home & Design section of The Irish TImes. 

Main Contractor:            Andrew Griffin Construction

Structural Engineer:       Donnelly Troy & Associates

Kitchen:                        Darren Langrell Furniture

Glazing:                        Derg Joinery