24th June 2018

Thanks to Frances Power for a great write up in the Property section of the Sunday Independent. 

Fran visited one of our recently completed projects in Drumcondra and spoke to Gareth Brennan about the finished design.

Gareth also gave some practical advice on making an extension work for you. 

Photo Credit: Richard Hatch Photography



Issue 3 - Summer 2018

The Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland began publishing a new architectural consumer magazine at the end of 2016. Aimed at those thinking of building, extending or renovating their home, the magazine is published quarterly.

We previously contributed in Issue No. 2 and we were approached again about featuring a recently completed project in Sutton for Issue no. 3.

The magazine is available in shops now. 

Photo Credit: Richard Hatch Photography





1st Oct 2017

It was great to see one of our recently completed projects in Sutton featured in an article by Linda Daly in The Sunday Times in October. The house in question was also included in the program for Open House Dublin 2017, which is a great series of architectural tours and events which takes place annually.

Thanks to Derek Devine of Devine Building Services Ltd., Eoin Gibbons Landscape Gardener and Brian Sheridan of Sheridan Joinery. 

Photo Credit: @richiehatch of Richie Hatch Photography
and Bryan Meade of the The Sunday Times.



15th April 2017

We were delighted to have a recently completed project in Drumcondra featured in the Home & Design Section of the IRISH TIMES, with an article by Emma Cullinan. 

This period house renovation involved creating a private sanctuary for our clients while also connecting the old with the new and the internal and external spaces. 

Photo credit: Artur Sikora Photography




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